Mobile OEMs: Attractiveness Trends

Mobile OEMS - Hot or Not?

  • There were a number of significant related changes in employer brand perception in Q113
  • Apple (6.5) slipped back, though it still remains as the leading sector Employer Brand, bouncing in the 6.3 to 8.0 range, though it is trending lower
  • Samsung (6.0) has put clear water between it and a sliding pack; with product excellence qualified by concerns over the nature of the working environment
  • Sony Mobile (5.8) has put a little space between it and the pack in the last two quarters, though it remains to be seen if it has now found a means of differentiation under Sony's sole ownership
  • Motorola (5.3), LG (5.1), HTC (4.8) and Nokia (4.7) have little differentiation or attractiveness as employers brands of choice in Q113, are still seen as being less attractive Employer Brands. 
  • RIM (4.7) has had a success of sorts, in reattaching itself to the bottom of the pack for the first time in 9months. However this is still not enough to make it a (net) attractive Employer Brand. 
  • Huawei and ZTE are making major inroads into Operator mobile device portfolios, but  for ZTE in particular there is a low level of TMC executive awareness of the brands (broadly similar to HTC 10 years ago), so we are not yet able to show Employer Brand attractiveness scores. We will amend if and when recognition rises.