Walking Desk (Hamster wheel)

extended life and power generator combined?

One day will all work places be like this?

Even before Cambridge University's study on the positive effect of mild physical activity we were aware that exercise was " a good thing". According to the study brisk walking is just fine, reducing your risk of premature death (via heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, take your pick from this group.

There's also a sizeable body of opinion supporting the 10,000 walking step (~8kms/5miles)/day approach to fitness. We're healthy (?) sceptics as this appears to be a round number in the manner of the "5-a-day, sure fruit's fine" manner of earlier health messages. Fitbit had a blog: we looked at the comments section and decided not to include them here; they're clearly not objective. The Harvard Medical School makes reference to "10,000 steps a day is a good goal".  

More to follow on the contraption above....